Thursday, 31 May 2007

Wednesday 30th May

After a busy morning at the Orphanage with the babies and toddlers, we went back to the Centre for lunch. We had our afternoon activities cancelled by the Head of the School for the Blind - she wanted to do something special with the whole school, so decided to have some free time as we had to activities planned for the late afternoon and evening.

After lunch we went to Luk Dod to do some more souvenir shopping, then went back for a quiet hour and a half to catch up with some rest and relaxation. We all got ready to go to the Drop-in Centre to play football with the kids there. Crossing the main road we the most hair raising experience, although there is a pedestrian crossing, the motor bikes still come piling through! We boys from the drop in were waiting for us, and were very excited to be having visitors. They got organised into 2 teams and a frantic game took place. Our boys took of their flip flops to play, and ended up visiting the nurse to get their sore feet dealt with. When they pulled out the girls took their places - watching the boys have such fun meant they were thrilled to take part. The boys didn't want us to leave and when we had gone they were asking when we could come back, so we hope to see them again before we leave - this time playing something which means we can keep our footwear on.

After supper most of the pupils went up to the Vocational school for the Disabled to join in English Club and hang out with the students up there. They had a wonderful time and the students really appreciated them staying and talking to them, and also playing basketball with them!

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