Sunday, 27 May 2007

Our First Full Day

Having been shown round the Orphanage Site by the volunteers the group divided into 2 and half went into the baby room and half into the toddlers, and then swapped over half way through the morning. Everyone did a marvelous job of giving the little one some one to one attention and loads of love. It is so exciting for the toddlers to have new people to play with, they have such a great sense of fun. We were all rather reluctant to leave, but all the babies and toddlers were going for their lunch time sleep, so we crept away.

In the afternoon the we went by bus to the Street Kids' Home and started with Carrie showing us round. She told us of some of the backgrounds of the children and how they got there, which is quite heartbreaking. As soon as the children caught sight of us, they came running over wanting us to play.

After our visit we walked to the Elephant Village and went for an elephant trek in the jungle, two people to each elephant. We bought some bananas to feed the elephants and keep them happy, some were quite ssneaky and took bananas from people on other elephant's backs! One younger elephant thought it was a race and took Mr James on a fairly hair raising trip, starting last and ending up third or forth! The trip was a great success. Afterwards we went straight back to Mass at St Nicklaus Church, and then back for supper.

We had a night in after all the excitement of the day, and caught up with much needed sleep. We have a very full day tomorrow.

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