Saturday, 26 May 2007

We Have Arrived!

After setting off from Worcester at around 10.20 a.m. on Thursday, loaded into 2 minibuses, we arrived safely in Pattaya at around 4 p.m. on Friday.

The journey was good although we were slightly delayed at Birmingham, and then spent around half an hour circling Dubai before being able to land. We had enough time to all go to the loo at the airport before getting on the next plane. Although we had a full meal on the plane some of the boys also tried out the McDonald's to check if it was the same as in England! The second leg of the flight was not quite as comfortable, and there was no in flight entertainment.

When we got through arrivals Mary Amphlett's son and his friend were waiting for us. They are travelling at the moment and managed to be in Thailand for our arrival. They are spending 2 days with us, working at the Orphanage and the Street Kids' Home. The coach was waiting for us at Bangkok Airport, and it was very luxurious, and we had not gone very far before the pupils were all asleep.

Everyone was very impressed with the accommodation and we all got unpacked and showered ready for supper. We did have one problem - two of the girls thought they could see a dead body in the garden below their balcony! I went to investigate and found that it was a broken statue which had been put with some other garden waste! After supper we went to Carrefour walking down the back street. The boys tested the KFC and said that the coating was much spicier than in England, which got a definate thumbs up.

We were all up for breakfast by 8 a.m., quite something for a Saturday morning. We walked up to the Orphanage and were given a tour of the site. The pupils then broke into 2 groups, one with the babies and one with the mini-toddlers, and then were going to swap over.

More news tomorrow!

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