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The Pattaya Orphanage Trust has changed its name to the Thai Children's Trust.
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Friday, 6 June 2008


This is our day off! We were up early as we were leaving for Ko Samet at 8 a.m. The bus took us to Ban Phe via Rayong, where we were taken by speedboat over to the island. We were taken to see and fish farm and then went on to a very quiet beach. We had a packed lunch of egg fried rice with chicken (which was delicious) and fruit. The sand is almost white and very fine, and the sea is very warm and exceptionally clear. We had deckchairs under umbrellas, so we able to be in the shade. Some of the pupils had henna "tattoos", some girls had their nails manicured, and Mr James and Nora had Thai massages! We got the boat back at 3 p.m. and got back to the Center in time for a shower before walking down to Mass. Then supper and the bus arrived to take us to the airport at around 8.15 p.m.


This morning we went to the orphanage for the final visit. The group was very excited walking up there, all looking forward to seeing the babies and toddlers for the last time. It was very hot so all the children were inside when we arrived. The pupils all had a great time with both groups of children and made the most of their time with them. The problems started when we had to leave - everyone was in tears. Father came over so meet the group and thank them for come over and working with the children and we all had photos taken. It was a great pity that these had not been taken at the beginning of our visit as the pupils all had very red eyes and some were still opening weeping.

In the afternoon we went by bus to The Fountain of Life. Mrs Amphlett managed to come with us in her wheelchair, and managed to get up the few steps a the front without losing too much dignity. When we arrived the children we still having a rest - it was lovely seeing them sound asleep on mats in their classrooms. When they woe up they all came into the main area and sat for assembly. They then said prayers and sang songs. Our pupils all went to the front and sang "9 green bottles", bringing some children out the second time to be the bottles falling. Then they did "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" and all the Thai children joined in the actions. The Thai children sang "Peel banana" with the action and taught out children the song and actions. Everyone had a great time. We hope next time to go for a full morning session and do more activities with the children.

We went back to the Center to drop Mrs Amphlett off and then all went for our final visit to Luk Dod for souvenir shopping. Then it was packing for our departure on Saturday evening. When all the rooms had been inspected to check that most of the packing had been done we had our last trip to Carrefour, cups of coffee for the adults and last minute shopping and cola for the pupils.


We had a very early start again, up for breakfast at 7 a.m. so that we could be at the Vocational School at 8 a.m. It was well worth it - the first group we had were in their 4th term of English and we all had some excellent conversations with them. They found out a lot more about each other and gave some great speaches at the end. They also did some role play which they all practised then played out to all the group. We ended the session with 2 of the girls teaching the Thai students to sing the chorus of Valerie, which was great fun. After break we went in with a group who had been learning English for 4 weeks. They all did very well and found out someithing about our pupils and our pupils found out quite a lot about them. We then did the exercise comparing the school day.

After lunch we took the blind children swimming in the sea again. They actually went into the sea this time and a great time was had by all.

We came back to the Center and got showered and changed and then walked up to Carrefour to get birthday cakes for Sam. After supper we went back to the shopping centre in town on taxis. After this it was time for the cake and this was followed by a party in one of the rooms. The pupils had a late extension - bed at 10.45 instead of 10.30!


This morning we set off for the Fountain of Life children's project. We were taken upstairs and Sr Joan talked to us about their work with children from the slums. The children come to the project from the age of 3 until they go the school. Each child brings 1 baht for their lunch, 1 baht for children who are less fortunate than them (although this is hard to imagine for us), and 1 baht which is saved for them so that when they leave to go to school they will have money to be able to pay for shoes and other essentials. It also teaches the children and their families the value of saving even when they have very little. The children are also taught how to wash their hands before eating and how to brush their teach using a mug of water as they do not have sinks and running water at home. Older children who have never attended school are also at the project, they are taught to basic literacy and numeracy so that they can sit the exams to get their primary certificate. After sister had talked to us we looked round the chapel and then went downstairs to be with the children.

The children were divided into 4 groups according to their ages. One of the groups were older - they were doing cooking when we arrived. We were pleased to see some of the children from the Drop-in center and Street Kids' home in this group. There was great excitement when we went in with the youngest children because Condu was there and he started telling all his friends that we had taken him to Pattaya Park the previous day! There was also a little girl in the next class who clung to our girls because she was so thrilled to see them. We are going back to work with the children on Friday afternoon.

After lunch we were taken by bus to the School for Blind Children. We waited for them to arrive outside, and then each took a little one by the hand and led them down the road to the beach. The walk is fairly slow as it is quite difficult to negotiate with traffic and parked cars and motor bikes along the way. We also have to get the children down a flight of steps to the sand. When we got to the beach it was decided it was too hot (?) for the children to go in the sea, so we all walked along to some shade and then walked the children along to edge of the sea for a paddle. The had a good time splashing in the water. A kind passing gentleman gave me 1000 baht to buy all the children an ice-cream, so we all sat down and enjoyed eating them, except for Mr James who had an ice-cream filled with kidney beans! We then walked the children back to school, where they all went to the taps and washed their hands. We got back on the bus and returned to the center.

After a quick shower we set off to Luk Dod to do our souvenier shopping. We managed to get Mrs Amphlett onto the bus and she was so thrilled to join us on the trip, then we all back to have our supper. Another very full day.


The group had a morning at the Orphanage. We were split into 3 groups, one with the babies, one outside with the toddlers and the third group went to the School for Deaf children, then we rotated. This was a very interesting experience. We saw the children learning to follow commands in sign language, they were learning colours, inside, outside, under and over. We then moved to a more advanced group who were having to sign family members from Thai script on the board. They took it in turns standing next to the board, whilst the rest of the class watched. It was all most inspiring.

In the afternoon we were going to Pattaya Park with the children from the Drop-In Center. It was something we had all been looking forward to having met them all yesterday. We went on the bus, and they were all waiting for us when we arrived. We bought the 47 tickets then all piled down the steps and found a great spot with 3 tables and loads of chairs. All the children had quickly taken off their shorts and t-shirts and rushing into the water. The Thai kids came down the slides standing (!) but came to no harm. Ours all came down sitting - much more refined and sensible. Everyone had a great time. Mr James and I went and bought 47 cans of Pepsi for everyone to have a drink. We got back on the bus at 4.0 p.m. and went past all the Thai kids getting back into the pick-up trucks to go back home.

In the evening we walked down to Carrefour pushing Mrs Amphlett in a wheelchair. She was so pleased to be with us all after being left in her room most of the time. We all had a good time - the coffee is especially good at one of the restaurants! We managed to get Mrs A back without incident one the road, no mean feat!


Today was our first day at the Vocational School for the Disabled. We were all up early and were at the school by 7.50 a.m. ready for Assembly. Our pupils were facinated by the raising of the flag and the singing of the national anthem. I introduced the group and explained what we were doing in Pattaya.

After assembly we went into one of the English classes. The pupils talked to a Thai student about themselves and asked the Thai students questions. They then had to introduce their new friend to the rest of the class. This went very well. They then talked further with the students and did a written exercise. After break we went in with another group who had only learnt English for one term, and did the same initial exercise, but the Thai students only told us their new friend's age and name. Some did manage a little more and got a great round of applause from everyone. They then compared their school timetables- what time they got up and what time they started school eetc. This also went very well and they then told us what was the same and what was different.

When we got back at lunch time Mrs Amphlett had returned from the hospital and we were all thrilled and relieved to see her back.

After lunch we walked up to the orphange and one group played with the toddlers in the grounds on the big play equipment while the other group went into the baby room. We then swapped- boy was it good to get into the cool! The bus came for us at 3.45 p.m. and we went down to the Drop-In Center to meet the kids there. The pupils were really anxious abut meeting the kids, but once we got there they loved it. Derek and I went over to Carrefour to by ice-cream cakes for the group's birthdays, so after playing football and having a great time we all sang Happy Birthday and ate ice-cream cake in our hands. The Thai children all disappeared and came back with dishes and spoons for themselves. I am sure they have an image of English people eating ice-cream cakes in their hands as being normal!

After supper we went in 2 taxis to a shopping mall to give the pupils a different experience.