Friday, 6 June 2008


Today was our first day at the Vocational School for the Disabled. We were all up early and were at the school by 7.50 a.m. ready for Assembly. Our pupils were facinated by the raising of the flag and the singing of the national anthem. I introduced the group and explained what we were doing in Pattaya.

After assembly we went into one of the English classes. The pupils talked to a Thai student about themselves and asked the Thai students questions. They then had to introduce their new friend to the rest of the class. This went very well. They then talked further with the students and did a written exercise. After break we went in with another group who had only learnt English for one term, and did the same initial exercise, but the Thai students only told us their new friend's age and name. Some did manage a little more and got a great round of applause from everyone. They then compared their school timetables- what time they got up and what time they started school eetc. This also went very well and they then told us what was the same and what was different.

When we got back at lunch time Mrs Amphlett had returned from the hospital and we were all thrilled and relieved to see her back.

After lunch we walked up to the orphange and one group played with the toddlers in the grounds on the big play equipment while the other group went into the baby room. We then swapped- boy was it good to get into the cool! The bus came for us at 3.45 p.m. and we went down to the Drop-In Center to meet the kids there. The pupils were really anxious abut meeting the kids, but once we got there they loved it. Derek and I went over to Carrefour to by ice-cream cakes for the group's birthdays, so after playing football and having a great time we all sang Happy Birthday and ate ice-cream cake in our hands. The Thai children all disappeared and came back with dishes and spoons for themselves. I am sure they have an image of English people eating ice-cream cakes in their hands as being normal!

After supper we went in 2 taxis to a shopping mall to give the pupils a different experience.

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