Friday, 6 June 2008


This morning we went to the orphanage for the final visit. The group was very excited walking up there, all looking forward to seeing the babies and toddlers for the last time. It was very hot so all the children were inside when we arrived. The pupils all had a great time with both groups of children and made the most of their time with them. The problems started when we had to leave - everyone was in tears. Father came over so meet the group and thank them for come over and working with the children and we all had photos taken. It was a great pity that these had not been taken at the beginning of our visit as the pupils all had very red eyes and some were still opening weeping.

In the afternoon we went by bus to The Fountain of Life. Mrs Amphlett managed to come with us in her wheelchair, and managed to get up the few steps a the front without losing too much dignity. When we arrived the children we still having a rest - it was lovely seeing them sound asleep on mats in their classrooms. When they woe up they all came into the main area and sat for assembly. They then said prayers and sang songs. Our pupils all went to the front and sang "9 green bottles", bringing some children out the second time to be the bottles falling. Then they did "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" and all the Thai children joined in the actions. The Thai children sang "Peel banana" with the action and taught out children the song and actions. Everyone had a great time. We hope next time to go for a full morning session and do more activities with the children.

We went back to the Center to drop Mrs Amphlett off and then all went for our final visit to Luk Dod for souvenir shopping. Then it was packing for our departure on Saturday evening. When all the rooms had been inspected to check that most of the packing had been done we had our last trip to Carrefour, cups of coffee for the adults and last minute shopping and cola for the pupils.

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