Friday, 1 June 2007

Friday 1st June

The pupils were given a free choice of activities this morning, 12 went to the School for the Disabled to teach English and 3 went to the Orphanage to help with computers for the kindergarten. This afternoon we will all be going to the Orphanage with the babies and toddlers and then going on to the Drop-in Center to play volleyball with the Street Kids. After supper we will be packing as tomorrow we have a day off and are going to what is known in English as Coral Island. I'm sure everyone will be green with envy when they read this!

The afternoon turned out to be the saddest occasion of the whole time in Pattaya - we had to say goodbye to the babies and toddlers. All the pupils and staff became very attached to the babies and hated the thought of leaving them behind, so there were some tears shed. There was a very subdued atmosphere on the bus as we went to the Drop-in Centre.

When we arrived there the volley ball net was up ready for a game, and soon everyone was divided into teams and the games started. The Kids were so pleased to see us again - they have very few visitors and we were the first to ever go there and play with them, it was great to be greeted as old friends. After several close games we gathered our things to walk back to the Center. The children there have only recently come from the streets and have had the most appalling experiences - what we gave those kids cannot be measured but it made them feel that some people really care about them enough to visit them, play with them, and get to know them properly.

After supper we all started to pack ready for our departure on Saturday evening.

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